A Superior Selection of Tobacco and Cigarettes

A Superior Selection of Tobacco and Cigarettes

Featuring Top-Quality products at Campbell’s Smoke Shop

For nearly 60 years, Campbell’s Smoke Shop has provided a wide variety of cigarettes and tobacco products to the residents of East Lansing, Michigan.

We take pride in our selection of pure and traditional smoking products. No vaporizers, no e-cigs, juices or modifiers – just classic cigarettes and tobacco products.

Grab your pipe (or find a great new one here in our shop!) and fill up on our premium tobacco products.

If pipes and tobacco aren’t your thing, no problem. We have a great selection of imported cigarettes for purchase. Come chat with us about your favorite style of cigarette, and we’ll recommend some new brands for you to try. You’ll love branching out and sampling cigarettes from all over the world.

Campbell’s Smoke Shop is here to help you find the perfect product for your smoking pleasure. If you have any questions about our shop and our selection, don’t hesitate to call us at (517) 332-4269.